“Animals I’ve Neglected to Mention” fills in the gaps Jane Wodening felt she had left in her last few books, hence “I’ve Neglected to Mention”. Here is what she says: “I remember when I was facing my fortieth birthday, I realized that if I was going to do anything with my life, I’d better get at it. I had begun to write serious stories and I knew what to do. Now, I’m in my eighties and a similar thought occurs to me. Several animal stories important to me have been left at the wayside.”

From Tree the goat, to Coolie the grackle, to Wagsy the dog, Jane portrays animals in the rich depth of their personalities; not just how they interact with humans but how they stand alone as whole, fascinating beings. Her stories are true, memoir-style, and provide us deeper insight into the animals we interact with every day. These stories are truly memorable, and will stay with you forever.

When I was saying to Peter Kubelka that I had found some other species that I could recognize as people, he said to me, “Why don’t you just say that people are animals?” it opened up the whole world. Yes – we are all in this together, every species, and we are all alive. My best friend was a goat; other good friends have been a donkey, a grackle, dogs, of course. Others I could only watch in empathy. – J.W.

By Jane Wodening
Paperback: 258 pages
Publisher, Sockwood Press (Nederland, CO)
Language: English
ISBN  978-1-944572-08-2