Living Up There


A memoir of time lived mostly at 10,000 feet in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in a home-made cabin.

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“Reality was not invented by humans.”
– Jane Wodening

“What I find so rare and immediate in this journal is the self-grown quality of the knowledge…”
– Reed Bye, from the Foreword

“Living Up There” is a sensational book, beautifully written and massive in scope, and thinking.”
— Brian Edward Price

“I keep reading parts over again because I don’t want to finish it. It’a a world I delight to be inhabiting.”
– Sally Dixon

“It was as moving, thoughtful, thought-producing, tearful in places, high-peaked, caring, respectful and lovely as it was beautiful.”
– Tim Willoughby

“When I had to put it down, I couldn’t wait to pick it up again.”
– Betsey Hassrick

“Living Up There” is so penetrating. Jane is a master of the long personal letter in book form. This city-kid is awed by her recognition of the micro-lives of nature, so many aspects, flavors, uncanny apprehensions unknown to me.”
— Ken Jacobs

“On one hand, I want to be a little jealous of the hermit’s life but on the other I realize that it’s an inside job all the way; that a parallel book could be written about my family life in NYC; it all comes down to the writer.”
– Steve Clay

“This book has an ability to put a face on growing things that one watches battling the odds of survival.”
— Barbara Lawlor, The Mountain-Ear

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Sockwood Press – Nederland, CO (2009)


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