Mountain Woman Tales and Bird Journal


“Jane Wodening has lived the life of a mountain woman; she has been tough, daring, determined, and self-motivated. The beatifully crafted tales, each as clean as a dart thrown straight at the target, show the intensity of her experience.”
– Bobbie Louise Hawkins

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“I always think of Jane as at the edge of a deep but not dark forest, another way of knowing this world, a physical entering into what has most usually dismissed me. So seeing birds light on her shoulder, a so-called forest creature come to her without fear, became just a part of her usual presence. It is what she can do, and therefore is.”
– Robert Creeley

“Along with D.H. Lawrence, Jack London, and Ernest Thompson Seton, Jane is the finest writer of non-human animal life in North American Lit.”
– Peter Warshall, “Whole Earth” Magazine

“Jane is one of the livest chroniclers of what can only be called the World of Everyday Marvelous … the true knack for the insight, immediate feel of a lived-in, pebble-in-your-shoe, water-over-the-rocks kind of life.”
– Patrick Pritchett

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Baksun/Grackle – Boulder, CO (Second Edition, 2000)