This book is meant to help anyone who is interested in animals to understand their actions and their communications.  I’ve put it in narrative form because it seemed the best way to clarify the reasons for the actions of the animals. In notes at the end of each chapter, I talk over the actions of the animals and what those actions mean.
Jane Wodening, from the Preface

“With its detailed notes at the end of each chapter, clearly shows to the world at large how animals communicate with each other. That the book is beautifully written makes it one of the greats. Along with D. H. Lawrence, Jack London, and Ernest Thomas Seaton, Jane is the finest writer of non-human animal life in North American lit. WOLF DICTIONARY, will join Londonʼs WHITE FANG and Cormac McCarthyʼs THE CROSSING as the most stunning wolf writing ever.”
Peter Warshall, Naturalist

By Jane Wodening
Paperback: 211 pages
Publisher, Sockwood Press (Nederland, CO)
Language: English
ISBN  0-9790171-7-3
ISBN  978-0-9790171-7-9